Competitive Dance & Gymnastics

Do you want to elevate your dance or gymnastic skills? Do you have the drive to compete? The Dance Refinery offers a full range of competitive programs where our students challenge themselves to be the best they can be in their sport. Whether it’s competitive dance or gymnastics, this commitment isn’t easy, but it is rewarding.

While our facility is located in Indianapolis, IN our competitive program will take our students to dance competitions throughout the states! If you’re interested in learning more about our competitive programs, contact our executive director, Lynn Herrick, today.

The Dance Refinery team at Milwaukee National Finals

Our Competitive Dance Programs

The Dance Refinery’s competitive dance programs could supplement your dance performing group commitment or as a different commitment from the dance performing groups. All competitive dance, hip hop, & pointe performing groups will compete at two regional and national competitions and perform in our Annual Recital.

The Dance Refinery offers a full range of competitive programs where our students take jazz, tap, and ballet and compete in these styles. They will also learn musical theater, lyrical, and contemporary dance as they get older and compete in them. We encourage our dancers to pursue various classes to ensure their growth as dancers and as artists.

2023-2024 Artists in Motion Dance Performance Groups:

  • Broadway Babies
  • Artists in Motion JR
  • Artists in Motions II
  • Artists in Motion Pre-Teen
  • Artists in Motion Teen
  • Artists in Motion Senior
  • Artists in Motion Elite

2023-2024 Competitive Acro Program:

  • TDR Acro Production
  • Acro Gold
  • Acro Black
  • Acro Teal
  • Acro Silver

2023-2024 Hip Hop Crews:

  • Mini Hip Hop
  • Junior Hip Hop
  • Teen Hip Hop
  • THE Definition

2023-2024 Competitive All Boys Program:

  • Junior Boys
  • Teen Boys
  • All Boys

2023-2024 Recreation Competitive Groups:

  • Junior Recreational Hip Hop
  • Recreational Hip Hop
  • Recreational Jazz
  • Recreational Tap
  • Invitation Only Recreational Performing Group

Interested in becoming a member of one of TDR’s Performing Groups?

Recreational Competitive Dance Programs

If our competitive dance groups don’t sound like the best fit, we recommend our recreational competitive dance performing groups! We offer jazz, hip hop, and ballet classes. These classes have fewer requirements than our competitive performing groups, are only required to meet once a week, compete at two local competitions, and perform at our Annual Recital.

This is a fantastic alternative for someone who wants to join our recreational program and see what competitive dance is all about! The Dance Refinery wants you to branch out, have fun, and improve your skillset as you best see fit!

Competitive Gymnastics in Indianapolis, IN

Competitive Gymnastics & Tumbling Programs

Are you passionate about gymnastics and tumbling? Interested in advancing your skills in the world of competitive gymnastics? The Dance Refinery offers two routes for students looking to perform competitively in gymnastics and tumbling. Our competitive Gymnastics Team and Competitive Tumbling Performance Groups help develop our students’ stamina, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, muscle strength, discipline, socialization, and team-building skills!

Competitive Artistic Gymnastics Program

Our Competitive Artistic Gymnastics Program is for students who have progressed past the beginning or intermediate gymnastics levels and are interested in competing in all four Olympic events (vault, uneven bars, balance beams, and floor exercise). We offer USAG Levels up to 10, USAG Xcel, Mini Team (ages 4-6, preparing for USAG Level 2), and Pre-Team (transition team, training for USAG Levels 2 and 3).

TDR Competitive Gymnastics Team

TDR Competitive Gymnastics team

Competitive Tumbling Performing Groups

The Dance Refinery is proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in the Competitive Tumbling Performance Groups. These groups are for students interested in both dance and tumbling at the competitive level. Routines performed by these groups will consist of controlled acrobatic moves such as walkovers, handstands, chest stands, elbow stands, and tumbling mixed with dance techniques of various styles.

All of our Competitive Tumbling Performing groups will travel with our Dance Performing Groups and compete at two regional competitions and one national dance competition and perform in our annual recital. Auditions for these groups are held during the summer. Students must be at the intermediate tumbling level or higher to qualify for an audition.

2022-2023 Competitive Acro Program

  • Acro Senior Small Group
  • Acro teen Large Group
  • Acro Junior Small Group
  • Acro Petite Small Group
TDR Competitive Gymnastics team during a performance

Are you interested in becoming a part of our competitive dance or gymnastics groups? Contact at 317-881-1905 today.

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